For our tank decals, or large decals, you can use the dry application or a wet application method.

>Clean the surface where you will apply the decal.

>Use window cleaner, soapy water or rubbing alcohol to prep the surface, and dry with a lint free cloth.

>Surface temperature should be 55F to 70F, and not in direct sunlight.

>Get a spray bottle, fill with water and add two to three drops of dish washing detergent. Shake bottle to mix solution.

>Spray a light mist of the fluid on the desired location where you will apply the decal.

>With clean hands, peel the sticker from the backing paper. Do not let the decal stick to itself.

>Position the decal in the misted desired location, using a squeegee or straight edge, rub the decal from the center out pushing out any trapped fluid and air bubbles.

>For a custom look, some of our customers trim the excess clear border with a razor blad or X-ACTO knife and then apply the decal.

>We do not guarantee your results if you clear coat over our decals.