Doc Bailey's Clear Leather Treatment Kit

Doc Bailey's Clear Leather Treatment Kit
Item# AC13-3003

Product Description

Doc Bailey's Leather Clear Kit
Brand new product. Incredible Break through technology.
New Spray and Wipe Formula 20 years in the making.
“Doc Bailey’s Leather Clear” will clean, condition, Stainproof and Waterproof all colors of smooth leather.
Dries in seconds with no sticky residue. All you feel is soft clean leather.
No Silicone, no petroleum distillates or harsh chemicals.
Waterproofs with natural waxes. Conditions with Lanolin. One easy Product.
Excellent for leather Furniture, Jackets and Shoes, Leather Clothing, Skirts hand Bags Boots, Car interiors. Unlimited uses.
Go right over patches and stitching.
Incredible on Vinyl, Replaces all Silicone Car detail products easy spray and wipe Formula cleans and leaves a thin layer of wax to protect all interior Leather and Vinyl. Dashboards, door panels plastic rubber, everything.
It leaves a thin layer of natural waxes on everything to protect.
Beautiful finish. Rich natural look, not artificial.
No sticky dust-attracting residue. Just smooth clean leather and vinyl.
Professional detailers were used in our product testing with resounding success, “I just spray it everywhere in the interior, leather seats, vinyl dashboards everywhere, wipe, buff, you’re done. Perfect”. Saddle makers agreed. “It gives the Leather everything it needs and waterproofs as well. Very impressed, 30 years in the business working with leather and have not seen a product work as well as Doc Bailey’s Leather Clear” They Love it as a quick, yet effective, one product does it all with incredible results.

Kit includes 4.4oz. Leather Clear, applicator and buffer cloth.